Why you haven't made it on instagram ...YET!


Today I wanted to talk about the reasons why your social media may not be working for you & give you some ideas on how to see results.


Would you expect to go to the gym once a quarter & find a 6 pack under your shirt? No!

Like most things in life if we want to see results we must first show up, do the work & be consistent with our efforts.

The same rules apply to your social media marketing plan.

You don't have to post everyday to be successful on social media, and grow your account but you do need to show up with consistent, high quality content on a regular basis.

Ways to be consistent on social media:

  1. Create bulk content on one day, so you have an abundance of content to post weeks in advance.

  2. Use third party scheduling apps like later.com to automate your posts 1-3 months in advance.

  3. Hire a social media manager to do it for you.

Your trying to hard to "Sell" on Social Media instead of being Social

It's called social media, not selling media.

If you've been marketing your business on social media with constant sales posts, scare tactics & old school marketing techniques lets talk about why that may not be working for you in this space.

Social media is a place your dream clients hang out in during their free time.

It's a time away from busy work, or hectic children & a time for your clients to consume some light hearted, entertaining & educational content that cheers them up and is easy to consume.

Whether it's connecting with a story, or watching a funny reel social media definitely isn't a place you want to feel pressured into buying something.

Now, I'm not saying you cannot sell on social media.

You absolutely can, but theres a way of doing it.

My biggest tips for creating content on social media is to consider the following content buckets.

Education - Entertainment & Authority building - check out our blog on content buckets for some examples

No leads capture or sales funnel

Did you know someone generally needs to see something 7 times before committing to a purchase?

I don't know about you, but I definitely relate.

In fact! This week I purchased something I was considering for over 3 years!

Yes, thats right! 3 years I put off this investment.

Social media, and well all marketing is a long game which is why I love social media marketing because its organic, and free.

So how do you get in front of your client time and time again without boosting, or paying for ads for 3 years to make one sale?

You build a sales funnel!

"A what?"

It's okay, we will dive deeper on this another day but essentially long story short we want to create a customer journey so we can build know, like & trust with this potential client & remind them why they should work with you.

How do you do this?

Their email!

Setting up a lead capture form in your bio is a great way to take your cold lead offline, and into a sales funnel so you can love on them, and nurture them over some time.

Follow this page to find out more about sales funnels, and lead captures as we are dropping some hot tips to grow your business on socials over the next few posts.